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Admission Open | Online LLB Entrance Preparation Class | Register your seat – LSN


Law Scholars Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has opened online entrance coaching class for LLB. Classes for LLB Entrance Coaching start from Baisakh 25 at morning 6:00 – 7:30 AM.

Our Features

  • Classes run through experienced teachers
  • Classes run through Google meet
  • Regular Classes
  • Pdf Notes of Study Materials
  • Daily Objective Test
  • Weekly Exam
  • Fee : Rs. 1500 Only

If you want to join this class then register and secure your name by filing the Form for LLB Entrance Preparation Class. Click here to fill form Or you can fill the below form directly to register your name.

Why Law Scholars Nepal coaching for LLB entrance exam ?


  1. Cost Effective – Courses are available online at very affordable fees.
  2. Study from Home – It is safe & secure for you during Covid-19 pandemic situation as you complete the course by staying at home.
  3. Strengthen Concepts – During Law Scholars Nepal online coaching, our teachers help you in building the concepts along-with all the time-saving tips and tricks.
  4. Best Study & Practice Materials – You will get the best study and practice materials which are prepared by the toppers and experts.
  5. Identify Strong & Weak Areas – Law aspirants can easily identify their strong areas and can give more focus on weak areas.
  6. Accessibility of resources – Easy access to lectures, conceptual notes which students can go through multiple times.
  7. Easily Accessible – Now quality education is not big deal and restricted to physical classes only. Anyone who has mobile with internet data can easily access Law Scholars Nepal online coaching.
  8. Best Utilization of Time – LSN Online Coaching gives you convenience to study any hour of the day. It not only saves your travel time but also allow you to utilize saved time in your LLB exam preparation more effectively.

Don’t miss this opportunity. If you have any queries relating to Online Class for LLB Entrance Preparation then feel free to ask. We are here for helping you. Thank you for visiting us.

हामी संग जोडिन हाम्रो फेसबूक पेज लाइक गरिदिनु होला र नयाँ नयाँ कानून सम्बन्धी जानकरी र समाचार थाहा पाउनको लागि तल दायाँ पट्टी रहेको bell icon मा click गरी subscribe गरिदिनुहोला।

Anish Kumar Tiwari
Anish Kumar Tiwari
Anish Kumar Tiwari is the Editor-in-Chief and SEO Expert at Law Scholars Nepal who is continuously publishing law related information and legal knowledge with the aim of increasing legal awareness in Nepal.
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