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Challenges and Prevention of Cyber Law in Nepal

In basic sense,cyber refers to internet and computers that we use in our daily life to make our life easier and to stay connected with global village like wise missuse of cyber is basically known as cyber crime that includes online sexual harrashment, child pornography to breach of country’s data base, stealing private information of people from unauthorized access or unethical way.

To prevent cyber crime a new degree of security was introduced known as cyber security that is generally known as a means for protecting data, networks and other information from unethical access, partially or fully destruction or change. Cyber security plays important role in our life because we all have online presence.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber incident to ruin it “
The above statement presents a true picture about we being exposed to security threats and cyber attacks.

Nepal has huge user base i.e. after united states and china and india, Nepal has highest number of internet users.
The basic challenges of cyber security in Nepal are :-

  • Normal sql injection can easily breach the governmental sites due to which international as well as national intruder can easily breach governmental data base.
  • There is no computer emergency response team in Nepal to enhance security of communication and information technology.
  • There is no advance softwares or IT team to trace ip address of offender due to which people gets scammed and victim of online harrashment.
  • People are promoting black market through normal social media and Nepalese cyber burea is failing to trace those people due to the corrupted employees and unprofessional IT employees etc.

The government and other security agencies should spread awareness among the people regarding cyber security.people should use proper antivirus software to protect their system from malware attacks and there should be a computer emergency response team to analyze and collect information on cyber incidents that will be used in forecasting and alerting the cyber security incidents.

(This article has been written by Sakar Dahal who is a law student studying in NaLC)

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Anish Kumar Tiwari
Anish Kumar Tiwari
Anish Kumar Tiwari is the Editor-in-Chief and SEO Expert at Law Scholars Nepal who is continuously publishing law related information and legal knowledge with the aim of increasing legal awareness in Nepal.
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