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Importance of jurisprudence

  • It provides an understanding of nature of law. The subject of Jurisprudence gives an understanding of what is law and the nature of law.
  • It helps in tracing the underlying principles of law.
  • It develops critical faculties for legal perception.
  • It enables proper comprehension of legal expression and terminology.
  • It fosters the link between law and other discipline.
  • It prepares the students of law for civil life.

हामी संग जोडिन हाम्रो फेसबूक पेज लाइक गरिदिनु होला र नयाँ नयाँ कानून सम्बन्धी जानकरी र समाचार थाहा पाउनको लागि तल दायाँ पट्टी रहेको bell icon मा click गरी subscribe गरिदिनुहोला।

Anish Kumar Tiwari
Anish Kumar Tiwari
Anish Kumar Tiwari is the Editor-in-Chief and SEO Expert at Law Scholars Nepal who is continuously publishing law related information and legal knowledge with the aim of increasing legal awareness in Nepal.
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