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Increasing Pollution in Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu valley is the capital of our country Nepal. It is the only place in Nepal where maximum facilities such as quality education, better health services, employment and many more are found.

Huge mass of population are migrating to valley seeking these services in hopes to improve their living standard. But the question to be asked should be, is living standard so important over our health?

Why all of we are sudden talking about health when headlines clearly states pollution, it is because of high pollution in Kathmandu valley which is directly causing harm to our life.

In Kathmandu valley everything that we consume is poisonous whether it be air, water, vegetables etc. Each item that we are consuming is causing adverse effect on our health.

Air is causing us air borne diseases like asthma, dry cough and at a slow rate lungs cancer. Water is causing diarrhea, chronic infection in our intestines and weakening in our liver.

Vegetables are no less it can be said to be slow poison affecting every organ of our body causing slow organ failure. Sound pollution is also increasing in valley causing sleep deprivation, insomnia and heart diseases.

Question here arises is who and what is responsible for this problem? Answer to this is very simple it’s us who is responsible for all these pollution.

Pollution is adverse reaction to all the activities that we adopted with time in search for comfortable and modern life. Each kind of pollution has its own source like for air its dust, smoke, from vehicles all the factories located in valley etc.

Plastic, pesticides, sound from vehicle, channeling of wastage from industries in bagmati river, waste from hospital etc are causing all sorts of pollution in our environment.

We can’t stop breathing and eating so how do we solve it. Among all other pollution air pollution seems to have become prominent in Kathmandu valley. Every places there are occupied by polluted air of smoke and dust.

Smoke and dust are very dangerous for our health. Smoke contains very harmful chemicals like sulphur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), radon, etc. that may cause dangerous disease to people if remained in contact for long time.

With the increase in pollution asthma cases are increasing in Kathmandu valley. Not only that but people are even prone to diseases like lung infection, eye infection, skin infections and also life threatening disease like cancer.

We have always learned about 79% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% of other gases in the atmosphere but most of us may not know that research proved that in polluted area oxygen is only 19%.

If the amount of oxygen will decrease in our atmosphere then how will we survive? This should be the main question we must concern about because oxygen is life and we can’t live without it even for a minute.

Research has also said that life expectancy of people decreases by 50 minutes, if stayed in such polluted area.

But in Kathmandu valley people of every region of Nepal lives and if the pollution will increase like this then it will harm life of many people.

So solution is not by making people away from the polluted area but by cleaning the area and making strict rules against smoke production.

For saving people’s life, our life, our family and friends we should make unity and raise voice against pollution, keep our surrounding clean because if we will not do it for ourselves, then no one will do it for us.

Government should focus on decreasing smoke and dust by conducting various programs like cleaning polluted area, putting dustbin and public toilet everywhere, and punishing person using unservised vehicles that produces harmful gases.

Making strict rules against throwing wastages in the rivers, industries not adding cost of polluting air, etc. and implementing it.

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Name : Miss. Sneha Shah
Study : BBA 1st Semester
Section: C
College : Kathmandu University School of Management


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